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This lively, spirited, & uplifting botanical mist will transport you to the citrus orchards on a beautiful summer day. The “Queen Sprite” is a perfect blend of citrus and soothing cucumber that will not only sweeten your mood but will also perk up & invigorate your skin. The organic citrus has restorative, hydrating & clarifying properties that give the skin a glow from within leaving the skin soft and supple. The potent organic Turmeric Hydrosol helps combat signs of aging and sun damage. This is the perfect facial toner for a radiant complexion.

They are packed with lots of love and care in our exquisite European Miron Violet bottles that preserve the potent goodness of our rare blend.

Come dance with our naughty “Queen Sprite” at home or take it to go, use it as a toner, mist it to set make up, spray it on tried skin to awaken & rejuvenate.

USDA organic and MADE SAFE® Certified, Non GMO, Vegan, Cruelty Free, All Natural, NO Chemicals, NO Toxins & NO preservatives!

Environmentally Sustainable & Handcrafted in USA.

Queen Sprite Balancing Citrus Cucumber Face Mist

3.38 Fluid ounces
  • Ingredients

    *Citrus x sinensis (Blood Orange) Hydrosol, *Cucumis sativus (Cucumber) Hydrosol, *Citrus latifolia (Lime) Hydrosol, *Curcuma longa (Turmeric) Hydrosol

    *Certified Organic

  • Riti

    What is the Riti (Tradition or Rituals that are handed from generation to generation):

    Mist evenly all over face to tone or prep skin at start of your skincare ritual or to set makeup or take it to go and just spray it on tried skin to awaken & rejuvenate anywhere anytime! You can also use it as an activator in our exclusive collection of exfoliator face masks to make a smooth paste before application. Avoid spraying it in the eyes. Rinse with water if it gets into the eyes.