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*COVID-19 Update: Arrival time may vary due to an influx of shipping since the pandemic began. We can not guarantee the delivery timing, as the couriers are experiencing a greater amount of shipments with a decreased amount of staff during these times.


All our products are delicately hand crafted in small batches with rare pure organic ingredients. They are packed with lots of love and care in our exquisite European Miron Violet glass bottles that preserve the potent goodness of our rare blend.


Packages typically ship within 2-3 business days of your order confirmation. Allow an additional 3 -5 business days for normal freight time to your destination. We are closed on weekends and holidays.

During special promotions and new product launches, expect some delay as our small team works to deliver the most extraordinary, uncompromising service to you.  


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  • We uphold a firm No Refund Policy. Here is why:

  • Using all natural products requires an adjustment period. Conventional products add chemicals in all their formulations, which have an adverse affect in the long run, but might have immediate visual change in skin and hair.  Our products need time to work on your skin and hair to first undo the damage artificial and chemical products have caused.​​

  •  We are a cleaner alternative to haircare – it takes time to adjust and adapt to this lifestyle. It requires your patience and commitment in order to make these products work for you.

  • Our formulations are very concentrated and are packed with natural ingredients. Conventional products contain fillers, which is why most customers are accustomed to applying a lot of product. This is not the same for Divine Tandav products – a little goes a long way since the formulations are incredibly powerful.

  • Our natural products are handcrafted, using multiple natural herbs and ingredients that are incredibly difficult to source. We create them in-house and as fresh as possible, with no added preservatives, resulting in a low shelf life. By the time the natural product(s) is returned to our office, it is no longer fresh and cannot be added back to our inventory.

  • A large company purchases products in bulk (over 5,000 units) from manufacturers to sit in a warehouse for years. As a small business, we create small batches every 2-3 weeks in order to guarantee the freshness of our formulations when they reach our customers. With this, our dedication to providing the most fresh + effective natural products requires more labor than the average company.

  • Our small business does not possess the high volume of orders that big brands do. With this, we are unable to factor in the costs of return shipping fees and are unable to offer this to our customers at this time.

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