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Why did we start Divine Tandav?

We come from a long lineage of farming ancestors. We have always nurtured a deep, beautiful bond with Mother Earth. Clean living and clean beauty has been part of our life since childhood – it was just the way of life!

As we got exposed to the temptations of the skin care industry, we quickly realized that many beauty companies that we trust are using an exorbitant amount of chemicals in their products. There are chemicals that are known to cause harm and then there are also many with unknown effects. These chemicals are absorbed into our bodies with each use. They also affect the environment when they are washed down the drain – entering our soil, water streams which we consume back.

This inspired us to change the way we think about clean beauty and our planet earth. We desire to lead a better lifestyle and in so doing leave a better planet behind for our future generations all while giving customers a choice of truly clean beauty products.

At Divine Tandav we are committed to the clean journey – we aspire to be kind to ourselves, each other, and the planet with every aspect of our operations.

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